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Welcome to Subspecialty Imaging Canton!
We are excited to announce the ground-breaking of our new diagnostic imaging site

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welcome to Subspecialty Imaging Canton in Georgia.

Subspecialty Imaging Canton is an outpatient imaging center in Canton, Georgia. We will offer digital x-ray, CT scans, high-field MRI and ultrasound. We're committed to providing the highest diagnostic imaging services for all physicians and patients at rates as much as 60% less than area hospitals.

At Outpatient Services, patients experience a level of service, courtesy, and professionalism uncommon in healthcare today. We have convenient appointments, minimal waiting times, and fast turnaround on professional radiology reports to physicians. Outpatient Services is designed with a home-like atmosphere dedicated to improving the overall experience of care for our patients.

Our radiologists are all board-certified and have subspecialty fellowship training. This means they are highly qualified experts in interpreting your imaging study. Our technologists, who have over 10 years' experience on average, are also certified and registered in their areas of imaging specialty. Outpatient Services provides premium and affordable MRI exams.

Our focus is on providing answers you and your physician can trust at prices up to 60% less than area hospitals.

Also check out our Sandy Springs office!

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    Posted on : 04/11/2018

    Bill of the Month: A tale of 2 scanners, written by Alison Kodjak, is an intriguing story about why it's almost always a better choice to get your diagnostic scans done at an independant diagnostic site instead of the hopsital. Click the image or this link to read more!