Pre-Appointment Checklist



Learn more about your exam

Make sense of the exam you or your loved one will be receiving. Please read all the information we have provided by clicking the name of your exam. Outpatient Services diagnostic centers administer exams such as high-field MRI, CT Scan, digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, Cardiac Scoring and Arthrogram.


Download Patient Forms

Print and complete your exam and registration forms prior to your appointment. We value your time and know you need to get in and out quickly. Any questions you are unsure of, we'll be happy to help when you arrive.



Choose a Payment Option

Outpatient Services is happy to offer you many options for your payment. Prior to your exam, you will recieve a text or call reminder about your appointment with an explanation of your out-of-pocket responsibility. Please feel free to call the number below to speak to a representative regarding your payment options.

Billing Inquiries: (844) 651-1900


Schedule Your Exam

You are welcome to call the most convenient Outpatient Services diagnostic center to schedule your exam. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to help. Please bear in mind that you may schedule your own exam but you have to have an order from a physician for us to be able to perform the exam.

Contact us today! (855) 325-5905


What to Expect

Before Your Exam
After your appointment has been made, you will immediately recieve a notification of your appointment date and time. Two days before your exam, you will receive a reminder text or call about the following: your appointment, arrival time, out-of-pocket responsibility, any prep that you may have and to answer any questions. If you're in need of further assistance, please feel free to call the number provided within the reminder.

After Your Exam
Once your exam is completed, one of our Subspecialty Trained Radiologists (this means they are specifically trained to look at the area of your body on which the exam was performed) will interpret your exam and a written report will be sent to your physician. Your physician's office will contact you regarding the results or they will go over the results with you at your next appointment. We are not at liberty to discuss the results of your exam. We please ask for your understanding.

Outpatient Services will bill your insurance on your behalf. This process generally takes 35-40 days. You will receive a document called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company once they have received your bill. This will reflect the amount charged, the amount 'allowed', and what portion is your patient responsibility. You will have already paid all or most of this amount, so this will allow you to reconcile any remaining amount you may owe. We will send you a statement of your account that reflects the same information as your EOB, which will serve as your bill for any remaining balance not previously paid.

We pride ourselves on the service and care we provide and hope that you will choose any of Outpatient Services network of diagnostic centers as your only imaging provider. We look forward to caring for YOU.

Please call Outpatient Services if you have any questions or concerns regarding any after care issues.